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In 1856, William began living with one of his models, Nelly Monchablon, a 19-year-old from Lisle-en-Rigault . Living together out of wedlock, the pair kept their liaison a secret. Their first child, Henriette, was born in April 1857. Georges was born January 1859. A third child, Jeanne, was born December 25, 1861. The couple married quietly (for many assumed they were already wed) on May 24, 1866. Eight days later, Jeanne died from tuberculosis . In mourning, the couple went to La Rochelle, and Bouguereau made a painting of her in 1868. A fourth child, Adolphe (known as Paul), was born in October 1868. Aged 15, Georges' health suffered, and his mother took him away from the bad air of Paris. He died, however, on June 19, 1875. Nelly had a fifth child in 1876, Maurice, but her health was declining and the doctors suspected that she had contracted tuberculosis. His wife died on April 3, 1877, and baby Maurice died two months later. [27]

Test primo bacio

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