T-bolt target/varmint

T-Bolt. The return of a legendary rimfire.
We all remember the first time squeezing a trigger, usually consisting of simply plinking a few tin cans. For some of us, those first shots were from an original Browning T-Bolt, one of the most accurate, handy and easy-to-shoot rimfires ever produced. Those days can now be relived with today’s T-Bolt, a rifle every bit the equal of the original, with several exciting new features that put this unique rifle in a class by itself. These modern versions rely on the classic straight-pull bolt-action design to chamber each cartridge fed from the new 10-round rotary box Double Helix™ (patent pending) magazine. The T-Bolt’s three-lever trigger offers a light, crisp break, and every barrel is free floating. For those of you who are serious about rimfire accuracy will appreciate the new T-Bolt Target/Varmint model. It features a walnut stock with raised Monte Carlo comb and a heavy varmint barrel designed to provide pinpoint accuracy that rivals many custom rimfires costing much more.

This rifle is a bit of a dichotomy: it’s got an ultra-modern magazine and synthetic stock paired with a revived, but outdated operating action from the 60’s. Just taking into consideration the competition this rifle gets from lower priced  Marlin XT-22, Savage Mark II, or more expensive Ruger 77/22, CZ rimfires or Anshutz, it’s a tough market to throw this action into. Personally, I think they nailed it with their new magazine system, but it’s not enough to make me want to pick this rifle over a CZ 455, or at this price range, a custom Volquartsen or Clark 10/22. However, if you love the Browning brand or remember shooting a T-bolt as a kid, maybe this is the rimfire for you.

T-bolt target/varmint

t-bolt target/varmint


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