T'boli language

Malinak lay Labi
A night of calm
Oras la’y mareen
An hour of peace

Mapalpalna’y dagem
A gentle breeze
Katekep to’y linaew
Along with it is the dew

Samit da’y kugip ko
So sweet is my dream
Binangonan kon tampol
Suddenly I awake

Lapu’d say limgas mo
Because of your beauty
Sikan sika’y amamayoen
You are the only one I will love

Lalo la bilay
Best of all, my life
No sika la’y nanengne'ng
When it's you that I see

Napunas lan amin
All are wiped away
So ermen ya akbibiten
The sorrows that I bear

No nanonotan
When I remember
Ko la'y samit day ugalim
Of your sweet kindness

Ag ta ka nalingwanan
I will not forget you
Angga’d kauyos na bilay
Until life is gone

Waray-Waray is characterized by a unique sound change in which Proto-Bisayan *s becomes /h/ in a small number of common grammatical morphemes. This sound change occurs in all areas of Samar south of the municipalities of Santa Margarita , Matuginao , Las Navas , and Gamay (roughly corresponding to the provinces of Samar and Eastern Samar , but not Northern Samar ), as well as in all of the Waray-speaking areas of Leyte , except the towns of Javier and Abuyog . However, this sound change is an areal feature rather than a strictly genetic one (Lobel 2009). [3]

T'boli language

t'boli language


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