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Acceleration, speed, and handling are very impressive, but has a huge amount of torque, causing burnouts, fishtailing and oversteer as the engine tends to overpower the drivetrain, threatening to spin it out if attempting to turn in corners. This also makes the car virtually unmanageable at high speeds after a back tire has been shot out, making it extremely difficult to maintain control. Because of the massive power, the Elegy spins out when you drift the car. The Elegy has a short wheelbase and strong body, so it is capable of withstanding a good deal of damage. With a little practice, the Elegy can be used as a drift car without the use of handling mods. Both the acceleration and top speed are top of the line.

Nov 15, 17 1:54pm

Output power: 100W RMS @ 8 ohm, 200W RMS @ 4 ohm
Frequency response: flat @ 10 Hz- @ 100 kHz
Input impedance: 50 kohm // 47 pF
Input sensitivity: 375 mV
Input stage: Pure A Class. Double tube stage ECC83/12AX7
Output stage: Dynamic A Class double POWER MOSFET complementary pair
Inputs: 5 line unbalanced, (1 phono), 1 line balanced
Line Outputs: 1 tape, 1 sub (volume controlled)
Outputs connectors: 4 + 4 bi-wiring
Damping factor: > 50 on 8 ohm
Feedback factor: 8 dB
THD: <% @ 1 kHz, 100W @ 8ohm
Power consumption: 400W max
Dimensions: x 13cm x 43cm (" x " x ")
Shipping Dimensions: 53cm x 24cm x 57cm (" x " x ")
Weight: 15kg (17kg boxed)

As the title suggest, the exhibit theme wrests on the notoriety of Venice as a center of romantic liaisons, seductions and scandals, the likes of Casanova and the many courtesans that frequented the city. Yet, Venice was much more than that. It was a cauldron of intellectual activity, of industry, literature, and music. It was a society that for many years ensured the peace, prosperity and freedom of its people. And it was also a very pious city, one steeped in Roman Catholicism where many churches were built by its richest and most influential citizens.

Primo test 600 forum

primo test 600 forum


primo test 600 forumprimo test 600 forumprimo test 600 forumprimo test 600 forumprimo test 600 forum