Primo lens test

I have owned a 18x300 for three years. I love it. I needed to choose one lens that I could use up close and had a decent FL. I climb a lot to photograph Big Horn Sheep. I can get extremely close, but at times I need a little extra FL. The VR 11 works great on this lens. I do no use a mono pod. Try a Trigger stick by Primos. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It has a cradle on top to place your camera in. It serves well as a stabilizer as you are climbing in steep rough terrain. If you are in a position where you need a little extra elevation to get a straight on shot a be still as possible, just pull the trigger and the stick hits the ground right now and it locks in place. To me it is so much faster than a mono. I would not take for the lens or the trigger stick. Just go by your sporting goods store and try one out. I also shoot a lot of birds in flight. I never shoot less than 800 ISO.

What Key Features Should I Look for When Selecting an Online Contact Store?

Be Prepared
You can shop around at contact lens websites all you want, but to place an order you’ll need a prescription from your eye doctor. Most websites offer several ways to verify your prescription, including uploading an image of the prescription or even getting in touch with your optometrist’s office. This even applies to zanier colored contacts or ones with a Halloween theme to really put your zombie or monster costume over the top. According to 1-800-Contacts, contacts can’t legally be sold without a prescription because the Food and Drug Administration categorizes them as a medical device. If you don’t need vision correction but want to have some fun with your eye color, Walmart Contacts recommends talking to your eye doctor about getting a prescription for or plano contacts.

So Many Options
The type of contacts you need depends on your prescription. All of the websites we reviewed had colored contacts, toric contacts, multifocal contacts and disposable lenses for daily, weekly or monthly use. Only some of the sites we looked at had RGP custom contacts. Rigid gas permeable lenses are made of a firm plastic that lets oxygen pass through. According to the Contact Lens Spectrum, only 9 percent of all new contact lens fits and refits in the United States were RGPs in 2012. Ultimately, it's up to your eye doctor to decide what kind of contact you'll benefit from the most. Be sure to find the store that sells your brand for the best price.

Primo lens test

primo lens test


primo lens testprimo lens testprimo lens testprimo lens testprimo lens test