Mastoiditis pain

Dental disease may cause pain in the region of the ear. dental caries causing pulpitis and/or periapical periodontitis (which may be associated with a periapical abscess ) in a tooth can be referred via the auriculotemporal nerve (a branch of the trigeminal nerve), the tympanic nerve (a branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve) or via the auricular nerve [ disambiguation needed ] (a branch of the vagus nerve). Temporomandibular joint dysfunction , impacted third molar teeth , and lesions of the floor of mouth or ventral surface of the tongue (underside of the tongue) are other possible causes of dental conditions which can cause ear pain. [5]

There are numerous other causes of pain behind the ear. These include temporomandibular joint syndrome, a blocked Eustachian tube, barotraumas, arthritis of the jaw and sinus infections. Persistent pain behind ear or pain in back of head should be brought to a doctor's attention and applicable treatments should be adhered to cure the prevailing conditions that are causing the pain. It is strictly advisable to steer clear of self treatment or applications of various remedies when experiencing ear pain, which can worsen the situation and also cause permanent ear damage.

Mastoiditis pain

mastoiditis pain


mastoiditis painmastoiditis painmastoiditis painmastoiditis painmastoiditis pain