Masteron insomnia

Irongame hit the nail on the head like always but ima throw my .02 :) why do you choose 10 weeks for test e? I personal go no less then 12 clomid needs to be added to your pct at 100/100/50/50. The nolva should be bumped to 40mg Ed the first 2 weeks and do like iron said drop the hcg before pct. Do you have ai on hand if so do you know how to dose it? Is this your second cycle. What pct, ai, and anti-prolactin did you use last cycle? Need to get bloods to see where your at especially if you used the same pct last cycle. You still might be shut down.

Natural testosterone production begins when Masteron has been stopped and all the exogenous hormones from the steroid have been cleared from the body system. The normal production levels do not usually return immediately, but typically takes some time. As a result of this slow pace of recovery, a post cycle therapy plan is usually recommended. This usually helps to speed up the recovery of the production levels. This however does not guarantee bringing up the production levels to their peak immediately, but will require some time. This plan ensures one has proper functioning of the body while the natural testosterone production continues to naturally rise to its optimum. PCT assumes there were no prior low productions of testosterone and there is no damage of Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis through improper techniques of testosterone supplementation.

Masteron insomnia

masteron insomnia


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