Mast plumbing

Jim learned the electrical trade at his fathers side starting in 1977 in Vienna Virginia. Over the years he has been involved in residential and commercial electrical work acting as an electrical foreman on many large ground up projects such as shopping centers, university buildings and malls.
Jim discovered his true passion was for the challenges involved in working in older homes.  Many electricians don't like crawling through attics and crawl spaces and trying to troubleshoot work done by non professionals.  But Jim loved the challenges this type of work. In old houses, you can't see what is behind the walls and often, many different hands have been involved.  
With his attention to detail and perfectionist tendencies Jim developed a following of loyal customers. He started Point Loma Electric in 1988.  In 2009 wife, Jamie joined the company and now works side by side. We are family owned and family friendly. Please think of us when you need an electrician in San Diego . Thank you!

The bottom 2" pipe is the full 21' length, and the top 1-1/2" pipe is about 17' long to give the total of 36' with the 2' overlap. The drawing to the left (not to scale) shows the base and some of the details of the assembly. The base is made of another 21' piece of 2" pipe cut in half to make a 10-1/2' long base unit. The pipes are spaced a little more than one pipe diameter apart and secured by welding 3/16" X 2" steel strap between them. The mast pivots on a 3/8 X 8" bolt at the base midpoint just above ground level (dashed rectangle). This leaves about 5' of base both above and below ground.

Mast plumbing

mast plumbing


mast plumbingmast plumbingmast plumbingmast plumbingmast plumbing