Mast plants

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If you want to create a haven for butterflies, you will have to eliminate the use of pesticides. Most pesticides will kill caterpillars and butterflies, as well as beneficial insects. Use nontoxic alternatives, and allow your leaves to be chewed. The trade off is more than worth it, when you see the gorgeous reds, coppers, oranges, blacks and blues flitting about your garden. Butterflies also need shelter, sun, and water. Remember - they can't fly without the sun's help to raise their body temperature and metabolism, so planting in a sunny spot will bring the butterflies out on sunny days. Provide basking sites, like light rocks or boulders, for them to warm up on, and shelter from the wind. Butterflies also like to drink from muddy spots with very shallow water, where they "puddle" and benefit from the water and the dissolved minerals. It is easy to create a shallow dish of mud or gravel, or to add a stone to the center of a bird-bath sized water source. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the view on one of our beautiful warm summer days!

Mast plants

mast plants


mast plantsmast plantsmast plantsmast plantsmast plants