Mast e recipe

Topping trees is considered bad practice. It weakens the trees. Selective pruning of limbs is preferred. Jim is correct about the oak roots growing downward. Unfortunately, where I live in NJ, the roots can only grow down to about 18 inches. In addition, because of shading, most of the trees in our wooded yard have no lower limbs, making them top heavy. As a result , we have had several oaks uprooted by microbursts of wind, and the root balls are much smaller than expected for the size of the tree. We cut down one oak that was very close to and leaning over the house and had dropped a large limb that just missed our house. We also selectively trimmed another nearby oak. All the trees in our yard lean toward the house because that is where the open light is. That being said, I would not cut down a healthy oak unless it was necessary, and that would depend on your specific circumstances. Your local state extension office may be able to provide you with more guidance if you bring them pictures and information.

1/2 cups of cornstarch or corn flour + 1 tablespoon of sugar + 1 1/4 cups of water. Make smooth batter. Cook in low to medium heat (stir continuously so not lumps are formed). Cook till you get shiny, thick paste like consistency. Pour in the sev maker machine. Do not let it get cold. Do this while hot. Press sev or noddles in the ice cold water. Store in fridge with water. Sev should be submerged in water. Use as needed (no need to cook again like we do for dry noddles or sev). If you want yellow color then you can add pinch of saffron or food color.

bachelor's buttons, oregano, lavender, and mint flowers are others i use. there are so many! recently i was out of dried roses, so i made your rose petal granola with a mixture of wild violets and pink apple blossoms (pistils/stamens removed) from our land. epicurious has a great lavender scone recipe that is excellent with lemon curd. they also have a recipe for chamomile-infused whipped cream which is great with summer berries. for drying, i made a simple wood frame with fine wire. i've come across similar items at flea markets. thanks for sharing.

Mast e recipe

mast e recipe


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