Male hormone pills

The Wycoff Wellness Center’s approach to male hormone imbalance begins with a comprehensive history and physical.  This allows us to identify specific areas of your health that may need attention and focus our efforts on these points.  We will perform the appropriate testing; usually blood and saliva testing for hormonal balance.  We will look carefully at your thyroid and adrenal gland function as often the function of these glands will affect your health and wellness.  We will build an individualized comprehensive treatment plan to address each of the identified issues for you.

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A further benefit of excess estrogen is that it increases the body's production of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG binds free testosterone in the blood and makes it unavailable to cell receptor sites. When estrogen increases the production of SHBG, which binds any existing active free testosterone into an inactive "bound testosterone." Bound testosterone cannot be picked up by testosterone receptors on cell membranes. For testosterone to produce male sexual characteristics, it must be kept in the "free" form (not bound to SHBG) in the bloodstream. Your new excess estrogen hormone levels compete for testosterone receptor sites in the sex centers of the brain and the genitals.

Male hormone pills

male hormone pills


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