Lean burn cycle

@Darren – I think people of any age can do HIIT training, the difference is the intensity of the work, the mode of activity, and the amount of rest. I personally don’t like running on a treadmill too much because it’s a lot of pounding on your knees and the overall volume (number of reps) is pretty high. I would recommend cross training, where you do treadmill a couple times, stationary bike, elliptical, ergo-meter, or even swimming. If you love running on the treadmill, by all means it’s fine, I just like to switch up the mode of activity to keep the body guessing and make everything more dynamic.

I’m considering competing in a figure competition in the spring. I’ve talked briefly w/a coach by the name of Kimberly Doehnart & she told me I need to put on some weight/muscle (Im 5’0″ 108lbs) and I’m just trying to figure out if carb cycling is something I should consider or find a plan thats more protein driven. Im currently eating about 1500 calories & trying to get in140g of protein, 105g carbs, & 47g of fat. Lifting everyday and trying to figure what cardio I should be doing and does cardio fall on high or low carb days?
Thanks so much!
You guys ROCK!!
Heidi, I loved your Facebook post showing your before & after pictures for your competition. I so relate to the fear you described of gaining weight and I need to get over using the number on the scale!

Lean burn cycle

lean burn cycle


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