Jintani proviron

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I am posting this review on a few sites....I created this account just to throw a few reviews out there or possibly get some feedback. I have ordered from Alin and Naps over the last say 5 years. I have had a seized by customs from Alin which the replaced before I had a seizure letter some years back and all gear good (test e, dbol, pcts etc). I was referred to Naps and bought some stuff including Jintani and I got everything quickly on two separate shipments. I decided to buy the second half of my run direct from Jintani and the first time I ordered was quick. Weird thing though my results plateaued using the same product. I was taking TrenE 400 a week and 500 Test E a week. Very minimal sides almost non existent. Not even sure if the batch strength was the same. Figured I would try once more and this is where my review comes in. Ordered over6 weeks ago and haven't gotten the bulk of my order so about 2 weeks ago I sent a labeled urgent message asking how to track it and what was going on; no answer! The other day I get a courtesy email asking how my order was I said the same info and; no answer. Three days ago I sent a High importance email and .........waiting. Pretty disappointed as I am patient but not communicAtion is a problem. 

It’s a scam.. You should stay away.
is nothing else than fraud and theft, anyone who submits a bad review because of their lousy service will get marked with bad karma until the comment get’s deleted their reviews are written by them, it's 100% fake sent them almost 800$ splitting up the order with a friend, it's now been more than 4 months and they only reply back to us when we message them from a random email as a new customer. We have learned that no legit source sells illegal substances on the public web, only scammers. Don’t lose your hard earned money to these motherfucking crooks, If anyone is looking for a real and trusted supplier then send an email request to [email protected] and ask kindly for a price list they are the real deal and the packages get sent from North America, we have used them successfully twice.

Jintani proviron

jintani proviron


jintani provironjintani provironjintani provironjintani provironjintani proviron