Dynabolt into brick

Ramset™ has been offering mechanical anchors to the Australian market for 50 years. During this time, trusted Ramset™ brand names, like DynaBolt™ and TruBolt™, have become so renowned for their quality, reliability and performance that their names have entered into common language on building sites all over Australia.

Unlike any direct competitor, Ramset™ develops and manufactures a significant portion of its product range in Australia for both local and overseas markets. Ramset™ also extensively and rigorously tests the performance of all its anchoring products here in Australia, in Australian substrates for Australian applications and conditions to ensure the supply of accurate information required for anchor design, selection and safe installation purposes, in Australia.

Metal hit anchors are precision die-cast, light duty anchor. These anchors consist of a cylindrical zinc alloy body and zinc plated steel pin expander. The shank is split a major portion of its length from the bottom up. The anchor body has a bore, which runs through the head thickness and into the shank for a depth just beyond the point where the slot terminates in the body. The steel pin expander is made of high carbon steel which is properly heat treated and heavily zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance. The anchor is set by driving the pin into the body of the anchor.

Dynabolt into brick

dynabolt into brick


dynabolt into brickdynabolt into brickdynabolt into brickdynabolt into brickdynabolt into brick