Dutch master one gold

Gold Range ONE provides superior results to most of our competitors best multi-part nutrients due to its superior formulation that was designed in-house by our Plant Physiology and Biochemistry scientists . As for most other single part nutrients, they simply combine all the elements together to form a sludgy mess in the bottom of the bottle. This sludgy fallout, often referred to as precipitation, is actually critical elements reacting with each other. Once this fallout has occurred, it doesn t matter how much you shake the bottle, these elements will not go back into solution. Unfortunately, this means your plants will now suffer a deficiency resulting in lower yields! This will never happen with Gold Range ONE guaranteed! 

If used at the right time it is fine to apply pk 13/14 just not too early in bloom !!!!!
**EDIT- Im zoned out with very little sleep under my belt, i havent answered all of the questions you asked ..... Dutch Master's additives ALL are highly effective....... theyre not just trying to make an extra buck, you will see improved results from any of their additives, they are becoming world reknown for killer elite nutrients, their foliar sprays are killer also .... with dutch penetrator that is more than just a surfactant ...

Dutch master one gold

dutch master one gold


dutch master one golddutch master one golddutch master one golddutch master one golddutch master one gold