Dinobot beast wars

Several Transformers news sources have revealed official images of the upcoming Masterpiece Dinobot figure including Taghobby (which appears to be the original source). These are the clearest shots yet of the Predacon-turned-Maximal from "Beast Wars" and the photos help explain some of the $250 USD price point he is averaging for in most shops. The figure towers above Masterpiece Optimus Primal and Cheetor, so his size is substantial. The seeming complexity of the transformation also appears to be a factor. ( Read more... )

In their first appearance in the Generation One series, the Dinobots were dispatched to Earth to discover what had happened to the missing Ark . They encountered the Decepticons, who would become the Insecticons , and both sides blasted each other into stasis lock. The Dinobots killed Octane and stole his ship, but they ran into trouble when the local Autobot forces believed them to be traitors and fired on them. Repaired by the Autobots, who were by now convinced of their intentions, they participated in the final assault on Shockwave, where Grimlock rescued Magnus and Optimus Prime.

Dinobot beast wars

dinobot beast wars


dinobot beast warsdinobot beast warsdinobot beast warsdinobot beast warsdinobot beast wars