Dianabol and deca

The muscle and strength gains with Dianabol is so exceptional that it will always be a favourite among athletes even with the side effects of water retention and strain on the liver and kidneys. If you add a mild anabolic steroid like Deca to Dianabol the side effects are not more than when you take Dianabol on its own but the results are better. For sheer mass many athletes add a Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate to the Deca and Dianabol stack. Dianabol can not be used pre-contest. Even with a anti-estrogen the muscles will look very bloated and you will most likely loose definition on this super bulking agent.

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Dbol is traditionally found in pill form. Like winstrol, Dbol is a 17aa oral steroid. 17aa orals are made the way they are to survive the first pass at the liver. Unfortunately, this makes dbol highly liver toxic (almost as toxic as winny). Dbol will also cause hypertension (a raise in blood pressure) so proper monitoring of your blood pressure should be maintained. Dbol is not the best at binding with the androgen receptor and most its effects are secondary. Dbol will suppress natural testosterone production. Many who are new to steroid use will try to do a Dbol only cycle. When dbol suppresses your natural production your levels start looking more like a females. Therefore, it should always be ran in a cycle with testosterone as a base. Dbol is said to be as strong as anadrol, though most will not see the same effects due to unequal dosages. Dbol is known as a kick start compound in cycles. Its ability to add weight comes on quickly and many people use it in the first 6 weeks of their cycle. Dosages range from 20-100mg a day, though an amateur user should stick to under 50mg to start.

Dianabol and deca

dianabol and deca


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