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One of the other big factors that will make Kensington Palace feel much more like home is the arrival of her pet dogs, Bogart and Guy. According to Us Weekly , Meghan has left her pets with her mum in Los Angeles while they undergo several vaccinations and blood tests before being allowed to enter the UK. Once they finally do make the transatlantic journey, Meghan won't be short of places to walk her beloved rescue dogs; with the grounds of Kensington Gardens and the royal parks on her doorstep, it's likely she'll often be spotted taking them out for a walk.

Hezekiyah and Nyahsa wanted a mature space to entertain friends, so Drew and Jonathan designed a contemporary space for the couple. By lightening up the wall shade, they were able to brighten the space, making it seem larger. Then, they brought in new, modern furniture that provides plenty of seating for a small gathering. The modern end table and lamp help to brighten up the space as the metallic water bar at the end of the space reflects light back into the rest of the room. Pillows and artwork adorn the space to add splashes of color.

Next to Normal follows one woman’s struggle with mental illness and the effect of the illness on her whole family. Diana is the focus of a complex exploration into the “monstrous mother” trope frequently drawn on within the cultural contexts of film, television and theatre. The writers illuminated the experience of those suffering from bi-polar disorder. The success of this is debatable- depending on what side you approach this issue from, it can further stigmatize the sufferers of this illness through the attempt to realistically portray it, or it can be a relatable and comforting expression of what it feels like to live with on a daily basis. [6] Kitt and Yorkey began writing the musical in 2002 and continued through 2008. There have since been changes in the mental health field with regards to the understanding and treatment of bipolar depressive disorder . In the show, according to Dr. Fine, Diana is said be a “bipolar depressive with delusional episodes”. [7] While at the time that would have been an accurate diagnosis, things have changed, rendering that diagnosis invalid.

Diana bold toronto

diana bold toronto


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