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The early scientific studies suggested it possessed an acute sense of smell which enabled it to track prey, [40] but analysis of its brain structure revealed that its olfactory bulbs were not well developed. It is likely to have relied on sight and sound when hunting instead. [32] Some observers described it having a strong and distinctive smell, others described a faint, clean, animal odour, and some no odour at all. It is possible that the thylacine, like its relative, the Tasmanian devil, gave off an odour when agitated. [42]

Upon being revived by Sorbet and Tagoma 's wish to Shenron , Frieza was determined to resume his quest for revenge and killed Tagoma when he suggested otherwise (though in the anime Frieza instead chose to allow him to live in order to use Tagoma as essentially a living punching bag during his training allowing him to perfect his torture based fighting style which ended turned Tagoma into a powerful and dedicated soldier who even began to emulate his master developing a more ruthless personality as a result of the strength he acquired from being tortured relentlessly, to the point Tagoma would resort to killing Shisami simply to take out Gohan, which shows the corrupting effect Frieza has on others). However, upon learning that Goku and the Z Fighters had become much stronger in the years following his death, he decided to train himself to become stronger, believing that as a prodigy among his family he could reach even greater levels of power, resulting in him obtaining mastery over his 100% full power and unlocking his Ultimate Evolution . However, Frieza's overconfidence over the power of his new form and his desire for revenge, led him to immediately travel to Earth with an army of 1000 soldiers instead of training further to master this new form as well.

Devil z license plate

devil z license plate


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