Debol meaning

Bol is infrequently used as a baby name for boys. It is not ranked within the top 1000 names. Baby names that sound like Bol include Baul , Ba'al , Baal , Bail (English), Bal , Ball , Bawl , Bawle , Beal (English), Beale (English), Beele , Bel (Welsh), Belae , Berle (English and French), Bil (English), Bile (Irish), Bill (English and German), Bille , Blae , and Blai (Catalan). † English pronunciation for Bol: B as in "be ()" ; AA as in "odd ()" ; L as in "lay ()"
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devil . deofol "evil spirit," from . diabolus, from Gk. diabolos "accuser, slanderer" (scriptural loan-translation of Heb. satan), from diaballein "to slander, attack," lit. "throw across," from dia- "across, through" + ballein "to throw" (see ballistics). Jerome re-introduced Satan in Latin bibles, and English translators have used both in different measures. In Vulgate, as in Gk., diabolus and dæmon (see demon) were distinct, but they have merged in English and other Germanic languages. Playful use for "clever rogue" is from . Meaning "sand spout, dust storm" is from 1835. In ... . place names, the word often represents a native word such as Algonquian manito, more properly "spirit, god." Phrase a devil way (late 13c.) was originally an emphatic form of away, but taken by late 14c. as an expression of irritation. Devil's books "playing cards" is from 1729, but the cited quote says they've been called that "time out of mind" (the four of clubs is the devil's bedposts); devil's coach-horse is from 1840, the large rove-beetle, which is defiant when disturbed. "Talk of the Devil, and he's presently at your elbow" [1660s].

Extra Demons ( 番外の悪魔 エキストラ・デーモン , Ekisutora Dēmon ) are the houses of top-class Devils who are not a part of the 72 Pillars. Currently most of the Extra Demons have secluded themselves from the current Devil Society, not wanting to involve themselves with the Government. Devils from the Extra Demons who involve themselves with the current Devil Government will have to break all ties with their households such as with the case of Kuisha Abaddon , Bedeze Abaddon (the 3rd Ranking Champion in Rating Game) and Roygun Belphegor (the 2nd Ranking Champion in Rating Games).

Debol meaning

debol meaning


debol meaningdebol meaningdebol meaningdebol meaningdebol meaning