Dbol and zma

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I guess I could get away with going up to 50mg for that real extra boost but I'm just going to stick at 40mg, this is exactly what I was looking for out of my first steroid cycle, good pumps and a plateau busting strength increase (not so hectic as to leave me in the lurch when I come off), I think 10-15% increase in strength on cycle is something I can realistically attempt to maintain (or get to very quickly) when I come off the cycle. Rather than suddenly going to 30-40% increase which is totally unrealistic in terms of maintaining after cycle and thus setting one self up for loss of gains pretty rapidly.

I use to love using dbol I can't run it anymore because it spikes my BP but when I did run it i wouldn't run more than 30mgs a day.
I would usually only use 25mgs pre-workout and I would get great results i think sometimes some people are just running to high of a dose it's a great oral I would still run it if I could but run good brands and lower your dose or like rusty said drop it till you need it when you have a couple cycles under your belt.
If you have good dbol 25mgs-30mgs should be plenty. Drop the dose and hopefully you stop having the problem. Do you really think 20 most less is going to be that big of a difference. Being your first cycle you should have just stuck with test but your a grown man its your choice. But my advice is lower your dose and then you'll have some already for your next cycle.
I just have to throw in at your weight you definitely can lower your dose and be fine.
Good luck and good gains brother

Dbol and zma

dbol and zma


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