Danabol ds cycle

Hi guys i currently live and work over in Thailand and have got some Danabol ds 10 mg , the small blue hearts from a pharmacy here . Reading up on the reviews all over the net they sound pretty good . I was thinking of doing a 6 week cycle at 20 mg a day for my first one , do you think that would show decent results or is it to low of a dose , bearing in mind i have never taken steroids before, and would i split the dose evenly through the day ? Also what pct would you reccomend as i can easily get nolvadex or clomid over the counter at the pharmacy , just want to have all the relevant info in place before i start .

This Danabol review should have highlighted all the features of D-BAL and its effectiveness to help you form a better decision of what to buy when you plan to start on a body building program. It has made it easier for you to decide which is a better option for you, the steroid Danabol DS or its natural alternative Crazy Bulk D-BAL? The latter is most certainly a feasible supplement as it minimizes health risks and prevents side effects. D-BAL is perfect for both beginners as well as seasoned bodybuilders who have already tried various other supplements before.

Background: I'm an athletic guy, have been going to gym in short bursts over the past 12 years. I have trouble packing on weight, I eat anything, but nothing packs on. I've tried all protein powders and rapid weight gainers. They barely get me there. I can't seem to bulk up. As a very desperate last resort, and I have given this 10 years to think over.. I am turning to steroids to give me a quick boost physically and mentally. I have read a lot on the internet and I am fully aware of the pros and cons. I am just not at my genetic peak, and I feel steroids will get me there, and then I can continue the work from there on.

Danabol ds cycle

danabol ds cycle


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