Brio primo bilbarnstol test

Choosing the right car seat and carrycot can be complicated but we think almost everyone would agree that it's worth the effort. Car seats and carrycots are perhaps the most important purchases in terms of safety for your baby. Because who does not want to be sure that your children are safe and secure when you travel by car. We can offer you some of the safest and most secure car seats and baby protectors available on the market; BeSafe, Maxi Cosi and Brio are some of the vendors behind this category and they’re all well known to make products of high quality. All our car seats are custom made for your child's needs.

Our car seats are mobile and can easily be taken from the car to, with the help of car seat adapters, be gently placed on the stroller so that you’re able to continue your trip by foot. The handles on the car seat are easy to carry so that you can take them with you indoors and used it as a cradle for the newborn. All of our car seats have been developed in consultation with orthopaedic, paediatricians, industrial designers and security experts. The backrests, seat belts and shoulder straps are all made with the child's wellbeing in top of mind and can be adjusted to fit your child's body to make sure that their spine and neck is well protected.

In our range of car seats for children, you’ll also find a variety of accessories for your car seat and carrycot, including toys, rain cover, mosquito nets, car seat adapters and, of course, the installation units that belongs to the car seats and that’ll makes sure that your children is travelling safe.

Car seat accessories
We’ve got car seat accessories that allow you to use your car seat in several smart ways that will simplify your everyday life. Footmuffs, pregnant belts, sun protectors and kick protection, rain cover and mosquito nets are some of the products that will turn your car seat into that a multifunctional product that can be used all year round.

Advice before your purchase
Before your purchase, it’s important to make sure the car seat you buy will fit the car model you drive. It’s important that you check this so that you can attach the ISOFIX system properly and keep your baby safe. If your car doesn’t support the ISOFIX installation of the car seat, you should buy an extra base so that you can install your car seat safely.

Before buying a car seat we highly recommend you to ensure the reliability and quality of the product by keeping yourself updated with the results of crash test etc.

Choose a car seat from the well known and proven brands that have a long experience in producing security products.

If you have questions about our car seats and carrycots, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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Brio primo bilbarnstol test

brio primo bilbarnstol test


brio primo bilbarnstol testbrio primo bilbarnstol testbrio primo bilbarnstol testbrio primo bilbarnstol testbrio primo bilbarnstol test