Bolt security

The complete Warn Platinum install took us a little under two hours. Deciding exactly where the route the electrical wiring was probably the most time consuming part of the entire install, and it’s really a matter of preference. We opted to go under the grille rather than through it, and the rest was a breeze. Jp pro tip: When bolting the power cables to the JK battery terminals, be certain to use the accessory bolts instead of the main fasteners, as they have a nut that is cone shaped on the bottom that is required to be a direct mount to ensure the cables stay tight. If your cables are loose, the warning and sway bar lights will flicker.

Other types of bolt seals are manufactured with a flexible bolt, rather than the traditional rigid steel bolt. A flexible bolt brings a lot of advantages that are unique to the flexible bolt seal. Flexible bolt seals can be removed with either a bolt cutter or a heavy duty cable cutter. A flexible bolt, once removed, will not penetrate and puncture truck tires, and therefore many larger truck companies or large distribution centers prefer a flexible bolt. The flexible bolt pin is somewhat easier to remove by use of a bolt cutter or cable cutter, and therefore is the preferred bolt seal for high volume usage situations, where terminal operators are required to remove many bolt seals each day. Flexible bolt seals are also very useful in a situation where a locking latch on a truck trailer door has been bent out of shape, preventing a rigid bolt seal from being applied. In this situation a flexible bolt seal is much easier to apply.

Bolt security

bolt security


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